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Department of Physical Education
  Multanimal Modi College has always recognized the significance of sports and games in the growth and development of a student’s life. In keeping with this conviction, the college has the department of Physical Education from its very establishment. The department of Physical Education takes upon the onus of providing updated infrastructure and required facilities to students to enable them to prepare adequately and compete confidently in sports competitions at all levels from district to international level. It trains its students continuously and rigorously in a host of sports and games such as basket ball, cricket, base ball, volley ball, badminton, chess, kho-kho, and in athletics such as long jump, high jump, javelin throw, race, and the like. The department makes special efforts to encourage girl-students to participate in varied sports activities and carve a niche for themselves in the field of sports. However, the aim of the department is not restricted to turning its students into sportsperson of international repute. It views its aim on a larger canvas wherein students develop their physical, mental and emotional faculties through sports. It aspires to inculcate in the youth the spirit of sportsmanship thereby moulding it into energetic and responsible members of the society and nation.
Teaching Staff  
Mr. Tarun Arya
Assistant Professor & Head
Department of Physical Education
Multanimal Modi College, Modinagar-201204,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Telephone :
Email: tarunarya@mmcmodinagar.ac.in
NH 58 Delhi Road Modinagar - 201204, Dist. Ghaziabad U.P (INDIA)
Phone No: +91-1232 - 243492, Fax: +91-1232 - 223620
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