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NSS / Rovers & Rangers
Multanimal Modi College is ever keen to promote institution-neighbourhood-community network and student engagement. In this direction, the institution imparts value-based education to students who, in turn serve the society to the best of their capacity. The institute works towards student engagement, good citizenship, service orientation, and holistic development of students in the following ways:
    • The four units of NSS and two units of Rover and Rangers along with their committed coordinators are engaged in community development services. These units camp in the nearby areas like Govindpuri, Tibra road, Begmabad etc. for social and educational upliftment of the local community. These units work towards increasing awareness of the masses regarding health and hygiene, human rights, women education, women empowerment, etc.
    • Rallies to protect environment are often organized.  Students march holding placards that bear thought-provoking slogans to draw the attention of people to various issues such as global warming, AIDS, corruption, etc. Rallies to ensure a pollution free, cracker-free Diwali is a regular feature of the college.
    • The institute collaborates with Rotary Club to regularly organize blood donation camps.   
    • Spreading voter awareness, awareness about female foeticide, about AIDS, consumer awareness, awareness about Yoga, awareness about first aid in emergencies, and awareness on road safety etc. are some of the initiatives taken up by volunteers of NSS, and Rovers and Rangers.
    • College  has  the  fine  practice  of  raising  funds  and  collecting  other necessities to help the victims of natural calamities.
    • The programme of Rovers and Rangers includes activities such as construction of tents and wooden bridges, essay writing, quiz, sand story, role-based play on the life of social activists/freedom fighters, colour party, and poster presentation. It also attempts to instill awareness in the people by staging plays and tableaus. Folk dance, folk song, march past, kid game are some other features of Rovers and Rangers.
    • In 2011-12, Vipin Kumar and Sonam Rana participated in All India Mega Camp. In 2012-13, Vipin Kumar attended PRD Camp.
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