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Research Study
All the departments of the college (under the government-aided scheme) which are affiliated to C.C.S University have been recognized as research centers. To facilitate research, computer and internet facility is available in all the departments of the college. INFLIBNET, DEl-NET in e-library is open to all the faculty members, research scholars and students of post-graduate classes. The central library subscribes journals, magazines, books, etc. of various disciplines and fields to enable faculty members and research scholars to carry out their research activities smoothly and efficiently. A central instrumentation laboratory equipped with basic instruments has been developed in the college. Basic theoretical and computational research facilities are available in the college.
The college has a College Research and Development Committee (CRDC) that addresses and monitors research activities of the college.
Linguistics, poetry, fiction, drama, Ancient Indian History, Hindi Patron ki Drishti mein Angrezi Shasan, Patrakarita, Dharamveer Bharti, Demography, Econometrics, Fiction, International Politics and Public Administration, etc. are the major areas of research of various faculty members of Humanities and Social Sciences. Analytical and Simulations in Terahertz Photonics, Plasmonics, Terahertz Sensors for Climate Monitoring, Astro-Physics, Plasma Physics, Material Science, Environmental Chemistry, Air-pollution, Design of Experiments, Reliability, Statistical Influence, Stability Theory, Inventory, Ecology, Physiology, Ethnobotany Medicinal Plant, Fisheries, Solid State Physics, etc. are the major areas in which faculty of science have their expertise. Marketing, HR, and Finance are the major areas of research in which faculty of commerce is actively engaged. Approximately 60 papers in international journals and 65 papers in national journals of various faculty members have been published in the last five years. Around 30 books/chapters in books have been authored/co-authored by the various faculty members. One Indian Patent has been obtained in the name of Dr. Rajpal Tyagi, Department of Chemistry in 2013.
The college makes concerted efforts to develop scientific temper and research culture among students in various ways. Faculty members encourage students to attend various conferences/seminars, etc. Students are given short-term research projects by the teachers and are provided the opportunity of internship in industries. During classroom teaching, teachers discuss about recent developments in the field of research in their respective subjects. Some faculty members also present lectures with/without powerpoint slides/documentary etc. based on the topic of their own research (Ph.D.) to arouse students’ interest in research as well as to give them an idea about the various areas/aspects of research.  Some departments also present lecture or/and put up posters of Nobel Laureates to update students’ knowledge regarding Nobel Prize and to instill an awareness in students about possible topics of research.
Various faculty members of all the departments of the college also act as supervisors to research scholars. Around 133 candidates have been registered in the past five years under various faculty members. Out of these, approximately 83 candidates have been awarded the degree of doctorate of philosophy in the last three years.
The college makes consistent efforts to invite eminent researchers for purposes of interaction with students and inculcation of research aptitude in the latter. Dr. V.K. Tripathi, IIT Delhi visited the college and spoke with students on various aspects related to research such as possible research areas, funding agencies, different types of research projects, etc. During the last three years a number of guest lectures have been organized by various departments.  In the Department of English, Dr. Sudha Sisodia, Department of Sanskrit, GDM College, Modinagar delivered an inter-disciplinary lecture on ‘Translation Studies (Abhigyanam Shakuntalam)’. The Department of Physical Education organized a lecture on ‘Contribution of Allied Sciences to Physical Education’ that was delivered by Dr. B.R. Yadav, Principal, Janta Degree College, Patla. The Department of Botany updated the knowledge of teachers and students on the topic ‘Pillars of Biology’ through a guest lecture delivered by Dr. Ishwar Singh, Assistant Professor, Hansraj College, University of Delhi, Delhi. Dr. V.K. Tripathi, IIT Delhi gave a lecture on ‘Electromagnetic waves and its applications’ that was organized by the Department of Physics. The Department of History organized a lecture on ‘career and History’ that was delivered by Prof. T.K. Mathur, Member Secretary Rajasthan Public Commission, and another lecture on ‘Role of Meerut in Revolution of 1857’ by Dr. Amit Pathak, Radiologist, Meerut. Career Counselling Cell organized guest lectures on ‘Career Counselling’ and ‘Employment in Media’ that were delivered by Dr. Vivek Tyagi, NAS College, Meerut, and Ms. Manvinder Bhimber, Senior Correspondent, Hindustan respectively.
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